100 Japanese Girl Names With Meanings

Despite what I mentioned above about Japanese girls being slightly racist / bigoted towards Koreans and the Chinese, they are actually very empathetic towards others. The Japanese girls I was close friends with back in my single days straight-up told me “goodbye” when I got married. They weren’t saying in a rude or condescending way. It was always very friendly, and nothing personal.

  • Hinamatsuri or Girls’ Day in Japan is celebrated with special foods, such as chirashi sushi, clam soup, and strawberry daifuku.
  • Kimicho – , an American national who worked as a geisha in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo.
  • Gaaru is not to be confused with the similar sounding word gyaru (ギャル) which is a slang word meaning ‘gal’ or ‘gurl’ and refers to a Japanese fashion subculture which started in the 1970s.

Kaori can also be an alternative reading of 香織, in which case it means weaving. In addition, the regular kanji for Kaori, 香, meaning fragrance, can also be read as Kaoru. Kanna is also the common name of the South African succulent sceletium tortuosum. Used as a traditional treatment for stress, anxiety, tension, and a depressive mood, kanna causes euphoria but, despite popular belief, isn’t hallucinogenic.

In terms of gender equality, Japan is the worst among the Group of Seven major economies. In Japan, most little boys want to become professors absolute-woman.com/japanese-girls/ when they grow up and little girls want to become bakers and bread makers, but not necessarily breadwinners. The results of this year’s annual nationwide survey of Japanese children on the topic, “What do you want to be when you grow up?

Other popular choices were architect, professional swimmer, driver and chef. My name is Doug, and I’m an ordinary white guy living in the US. 10 years ago I married a Japanese woman that I met online, and it’s been an adventure to say the least! I started AsiaGraphix.com as a way to share all the lessons I’ve learned about dating an Asian woman. They are normal human beings, just like you and I. They are typically more polite and modest on the outside, but can be just as angry and frustrated on the inside when surrounded by close family and friends.

Also performed theatrical plays, dances and skits; one such person was Izumo no Okuni, whose theatrical performances on the dry riverbed of the Kamo River are considered to be the beginnings of kabuki theatre. Dancers, thrived under the Imperial court, creating the traditions of female dance and performance that would later lead to both the development of geisha and kabuki actors. Give your daughter a big compliment with this name, as sato means “intelligent, clever, bright” and, when combined, mi means “beautiful.” The name is pronounced SA-TO-MEE. This name typically uses the simplified hiragana system and means “beautiful history.” You can pronounce it HEE-TO-MEE and write it ひとみ.

The meaning of Jakuchō is silent, lonely listening. While technically a gender-neutral name, Izumi is used significantly more often for girls than for boys. In the U.S. in 2014, no boys were given this name and 14 girls were. Hoshiko Yamane is a Japanese-born composer and violinist who is currently a member of the German electronic music band Tangerine Dream. Hitomi means pupil of the eye but can also mean beautiful history. Queen Himiko, who reigned between 189 AD and 248 AD, is thought to have been Japan’s first ruler. Himiko was chosen by the people of the country who were fed up with the chaos that had plagued the islands for 70 years.

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In preparation for my Japanese friends first trip to the UK, we sat down to discuss British culture, covering everything from Harry Potter to Chavs, Restaurant etiquette to the Queen – complete with “combat training”…. A few years ago I made a video called 12 Things Not Do in Japan. In the last few months dozens of Japanese Youtubers have reacted to it. By popular request, here’s my thoughts on it all, as well as my reaction to their reaction of my reaction….

The https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211303 name Aya is found on top 100 lists around the world. However, that may be because Aya is also a girls’ name of Arabic origin and an alternative transcription of آية, or Ayah. Akari means bright or vermillion red combined with village or white jasmine. When written Ái, this is a masculine name from Norse mythology, meaning great-grandfather or ancestor. We think this makes Ai an excellent choice for a family with a mix of Japanese and Norse heritage. Japanese can be written with kanji, which are characters representing syllables or words.

In popular culture

Chikako is translated as child of a thousand X, with X being the meaning of the other kanji. Iris sanguinea is a species of iris native to Japan. The unbranched stem grows up to 90 centimeters tall and produces between one and three flowers. The flowers range from purple, purple-red, and violet to a rare white shade.

Sweets are on the menu as well, incorporating a feminine shade of pink, like chi chi dango, which are pink pillows of mochi , a favorite among children, and sakura-mochi, a pink, sweet rice cake. Some families include an impressive edible centerpiece, such as the layered chirashi sushi cake. There are so many beautiful girls’ names from this culture, you should have no problem finding one for your precious daughter. Every spring, Japan is resplendent in beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms. People enjoy hanami or flower watching, and many locations host yozakura, which translates as night sakura and is the viewing of cherry blossoms after dark. Ichiyo Higuchi was the pen name of Natsuko Higuchi, lauded as the first female Japanese writer of the modern era and currently featured on the 50,000 yen note.

Chie is a popular name for those wanting to bestow good fortune on their daughter. This is because of the possible kanji combinations such as 千恵 meaning thousand blessings, 千栄 meaning thousand prosperous, 智栄 meaning wisdom prosperous, and 千映 meaning thousand shine. Named to a list of 20 Rising Women Directors You Need to Know, Japanese American film-maker Atsuko Hirayanagi’s short film, Oh Lucy! Atsuko combines warm, honest, or sincere with child. Akira is a gender-neutral name and has, rather unusually, made it to the top 1,000 names in the U.S. From 2006 and 2012, there were between 270 and 424 girls given the name in the U.S. each year.