Dhensa Spa, set in a dedicated cottage, is a haven in which you can recharge and revive tired muscles or simply reconnect with your soul. From yoga to spa treatments and a unique outdoor wood-fired bath, you can rejuvenate while taking in the planet’s most astonishing natural beauty.

At Dhensa Spa we offer a list of exceptional treatments and therapies created using our very own hand-blended essential oils. At Dhensa Spa we harness the power of nature in its purest form to nourish physical and spiritual well-being.

Dhensa Spa has two fully-equipped double treatment rooms (for couples). There is also a steam room and sauna with a window overlooking the forestry.

Spa Treatments

Our signature 4-hand massage; a fusion of Eastern Meridian and western classical technique, with your preferred choice of house –blended oil by two therapists.

Calming and relaxing massage; focuses on releasing tension in the body and mind with your preferred choice of house –blended oil.

Lavender, petitgrain, geranium, Vetiver,  ylang yalng, rosewood, sweet orange,Eucalyptus G, eucalyptus radiate, clove, peppermint, Ravansara , cypress, nauoli & rosewood.

To exfoliate &cleanse.

Whitening body scrub to eliminate dead cells and promote glow.

Firm & rhythmic motions; focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, with specially blended oil.

Ginger, eucalyptus G, lemon myrtle, rosemary, Fir, Scotch pine.

Quick and focused therapy to restore and rejuvenate; Head, shoulder, back & Foot

To nourish & detoxify, a therapeutic bath soak to re-mineralize the body.